The Memory Enemy – Anxiety

by Jenni Walford

I love it when I find neurological research that backs my crazy theories up! I believe that genuine learning comes about through pleasant, playful experiences not stressful, exam-packed, traditional settings. I’ve just been reading about the neurology behind this. In a nutshell, it’s a fact that anxiety affects the memory. We just don’t remember as well when we are under stress. Sounds pretty logical to me.

So, when you get blocked on those international conference calls, it’s not necessarily because your English is crap. You’re probably freaking out under the pressure!!

Emotion is a “learning switch” (think “light switch”). It can switch your capacity to learn, and then remember what you have learnt, on and off.

The limbic system can shut down access not only to memory and learning but also your ability to connect information – your ability to cross reference.

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Why can´t the Spanish speak English well?

by Jenni Walford. thanks for your contributions, Jorge Solá!

Hello! Here I am at home with flu so I´ll take advantage and write a few lines on a subject that is on everyone´s lips at the moment. (La versión en castellano esta abajo)

Me with flu!!

Me with flu!! I know, I´ve looked better!!!

Why can´t the Spanish speak English well?

I´ve been investigating the matter on internet a little and talking to some friends about it. It´s a subject trolls appear to be well into! Here is a summary of some of the main points:

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Fry´s English Delight on BBC Radio 4

Episode One

Stephen Fry explores the highways and byways of the English language

The BBC brings us the 5th in this series with Stephen Fry. Episode One talks about colour, with David Hockney. Who better?

The next episode is about intonation. This is one I will be forcing on some of my Spanish clients. One of my aims from now to Christmas is to radically improve my clients´pronunciation and intonation, something which people here generally seem to give very little importance to! Good international business communication, people, is not the ability to fill-in-the-bloody-gaps!


Talleres Lúdicos de Business English en Centro Surya, Sants, Barcelona – julio

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Language Facilitation con LudoTraining

Dirigido a todas las personas que necesitan el inglés para desarollar su trabajo con éxito y que sienten que no progresan o que les falta motivación.


  • Hablar con seguridad
  • Aumentar motivación
  • Mejorar tu comunicación
  • Reducir sentido del ridículo
  • Aprender técnicas de relajación y concentración, útiles para gestionar el estrés y hablar en público
  • Practicar telephoning, emails, meetings, presentations, travel, socializing, business issues…

¡¡Entonces, estos talleres te van a encantar!!

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