The Memory Enemy – Anxiety

by Jenni Walford

I love it when I find neurological research that backs my crazy theories up! I believe that genuine learning comes about through pleasant, playful experiences not stressful, exam-packed, traditional settings. I’ve just been reading about the neurology behind this. In a nutshell, it’s a fact that anxiety affects the memory. We just don’t remember as well when we are under stress. Sounds pretty logical to me.

So, when you get blocked on those international conference calls, it’s not necessarily because your English is crap. You’re probably freaking out under the pressure!!

Emotion is a “learning switch” (think “light switch”). It can switch your capacity to learn, and then remember what you have learnt, on and off.

The limbic system can shut down access not only to memory and learning but also your ability to connect information – your ability to cross reference.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the “Radical Rethink” English workshop, playing soon at a soon-to-be disclosed location in Barcelona!


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