Fry´s English Delight on BBC Radio 4

Episode One

Stephen Fry explores the highways and byways of the English language

The BBC brings us the 5th in this series with Stephen Fry. Episode One talks about colour, with David Hockney. Who better?

The next episode is about intonation. This is one I will be forcing on some of my Spanish clients. One of my aims from now to Christmas is to radically improve my clients´pronunciation and intonation, something which people here generally seem to give very little importance to! Good international business communication, people, is not the ability to fill-in-the-bloody-gaps!


2 thoughts on “Fry´s English Delight on BBC Radio 4

    • Cheers, pet! Just been over to the north east. Great to hear that accent again! An awesome drive back along the A69 in the dark in pouring rain, all with right hand drive!! I feel rather proud of myself now 😀 Why do we live in Spain again??

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