Play the Kids´Stuff!!

This is one of my favourite websites for practicing English and I recommend it to adults as well!! Some of the Word-to-Word!! activities are quite tricky. The Order the Sentence activities are other good ones. If you have kids, then improve your English at the same time as getting some quality time with them. You can find craft activities to do when you start to get tired of looking at the screen. Don´t be too surprised if your 6 year old does it better than you!!! And corrects your pronunciation!!! (“No es appel, mamá! Se dice appul!” is a classic from one of my student´s little kids!! Love it!!) Maybe you think your English is above this but I bet you can´t do all the dinosaur exercises!!!!

JUST PLAY!!! And you´ll learn something, too!!! So what if you´re an accountant! Get on the Pirate vocab!! And there´s a lot of football here….ENJOY!!!!

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