Nico Nubiola at Eat Meat


Unfortunately, it´s all over now! I went along with Jill Adams of the Barcelona Review, Farhad Banaeian and Saul Zambia…and was REALLY IMPRESSED!!!!

Me with Farhad and Nico

Jill Adams and Saul Zambia

Using pictoral wooden sculptures, Nico paints a dark scene showing a campsite as a metaphor for modern society as a contemporary tribe. The characteristics on display are cultural, economic, sexual and emotional cannibalism…depicted as food. The people are chopped up and on display like chickens in a supermarket.


Nico uses pine panels and crayon to create the effect of flesh…really fresh-looking and raw. I´m always delighted to find an exhibition that actually makes me FEEL something! And it´s quite rare!! And I was pleased to see that he got plenty of sales…

Like where they put the “sold” spot!!!

2 thoughts on “Nico Nubiola at Eat Meat

    • Hi Fran! Really cool, eh?! I haven´t been that impressed by an exhibition in a long time…so much “same old, same old” trying to be guaaay out there!!! And Nico is a really nice bloke, too!!!

      Un beso to you and your lovely little Ramon!!!!!

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