Can You Say It In One Short Sentence?

Chris Brogan

I woke from a perfectly good sleep with this sentence in my head:

“Host your own TV show.”

It wasn’t a goal of mine, I don’t think, so I thought about the sentence a bit more. It might be a great way to attract talent to The Pulse Network, so maybe that’s why it snuck in there. But as a marketer and seller, I looked at the sentence a little longer.

Say It In One Short Sentence

If I were selling that service, it’s a pretty excellent sentence. I’ve written it for the buyer’s perspective. I’ve written it such that it’s short and simple. I’ve written it so that you know what I want you to do.

The takeaway that I’m building towards here is, “Can you say what you’re selling in one short sentence from the buyer’s perspective?”

The Buyer’s Perspective

A week before this post, I wrote about the importance of selling benefits. In a way, this post is saying that just more succinctly. It’s harder than you think, though there are tons of great examples of selling from the buyer’s perspective if you look around.

“Fit 1000 songs” was the iPod’s simple buyer’s sentence.

“Follow your interests” is Twitter’s simple buyer’s sentence.

“Now your world flies with you” is GoGo Inflight’s simple buyer’s sentence. (Not as simple as the others, but I think their buyer – me – gets it.)

Not As Simple As You Think

Our simple buyer’s sentence for Kitchen Table Companies is “your small business advisory board.” I think that sums it up reasonably well, but it doesn’t really hit the mark like these other ones. For instance, with the Apple iPod, I know exactly how I’ll be the hero. I’ll take those 1000 songs to a party and be cool for having such a great mix, for instance. With Twitter, I’ll be in the know. With GoGo, I’ll be able to work on the plane.

With Kitchen Table Companies, I’m not sure the small business owner is immediately linking “small business advisory board” with an understanding of how to be a hero for their company.

With our Home Base Maker, the simple sentence (or 2, in this case) really is simple and shows you what’s what: “We build. You sell.” It’s perfectly simple, and the buyer gets it. I hope.

So, it obviously takes a lot of thought.

What’s Your Simple Buyer’s Sentence?

If you boiled your business offering down to one simple sentence, what is it? And is it from the buyer’s side of the table? Go ahead. Practice in the comments. We’ll share our thoughts with you. : )

Oh, and members of Kitchen Table Companies, we’ll work with you to perfect yours. I’ve started the thread here for members.

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